Fundamentals Course to Triathlon

Learn the Fundamentals of Triathlon Training ALL in One Place!

In 6 Weeks, You will Learn the Basic Fundamentals to Cross that Finish Line with a Smile!

Jen Rulon, 13x Ironman Triathlete, Kona Finisher and has coach NUMEROUS triathletes to get to the finish line with a smile, has created a 6 week (+ BONUS) fundamentals course to get you ready for YOUR first Sprint Triathlon or an Olympic Distance Triathlon.

In this course, Jen has put all of her knowledge, 20 years + about triathlons in 6 weeks to make you successful for your triathlon.

Whether you are a beginner triathlete or an intermediate triathlete, Coach Jen can teach you how to improve in the water, make the right choice on the bike, talk about the importance of running form, how to add strength training to your program and how to really engage in the mind as a triathlete.

Here's how it works:

It's an Interactive Program:

In this Quest, you will get weekly information from Jen about swims, bikes, runs, strength training and mental training to get you ready for a triathlon.

Progress at Your Own Pace:

This program is a self-paced program, with the feel of having your own coach. Triathlon is an expensive sport. Let Jen help you achieve your goals on YOUR pace.


Jen loves Community and realizes how important it is for an athlete to succeed in the sport of triathlon. This is an online community to help you achieve those goals!

Triathlon Training Plan:

Jen just added three bonuses for you to achieve your goals in the triathlon world. She added a 6 week Sprint Triathlon Training Program, a 12 week Olympic Triathlon Training Program AND a 5 week Strength Training Program.

Jen Rulon is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach of 16+ years and owner of She received her Masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. You can find her knowledge shared in Triathlete Magazine, Runners World, on the TEDx Stage, the Health and Wellness Expo in San Antonio, TX, Men's Journal Online, and the New York Times. Jen also practices what she preaches--she's a 13x Ironman Triathlete who recently participated for the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 14, 2017.

Jen is looking forward to getting MORE triathletes to cross the finish line with a smile!

Quest Curriculum

  • 7 Levels
  • Coaching By Jen
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Build YOUR Foundation

    Learn the importance of "Finding YOUR Why" behind doing triathlons. It will make triathlon training so much easier!

  • Level 02

    Build YOUR Swim

    Learn about what swim equipment you need, along with the swim workouts and drills that are helpful in the pool.

  • Level 03

    Build YOUR Bike

    Learn about what bike equipment you need, along with cycling workouts and drills that are helpful in on the trainer and on the road!

  • Level 04

    Build YOUR Run

    Learn about what run equipment you need, along with running workouts and drills that are helpful in on the trainer and on the road!

  • Level 05

    Build YOUR Strength

    Learn about what basic strength training equipment you need, along with strength workouts and movement that are crucial for a triathlete!

  • Level 06

    Build YOUR Mind

    Learn about how to get past the mental toughness as a triathlete. A lot of triathletes can get into the negative space in their heads. How do we get out of it? Hint: We go back to that WHY!

  • Level 07

    Triathlon Training Plan

    YES! We have designed a 6 week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan AND a 12 week Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan!

  • We Believe In You

    Your success is around the corner, you can do it!

  • We've Got Your Back

    {0} and the Community will support you step by step until you reach your goal and beyond

  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

    We are sure this Quest will impact your life! No impact? Get your money back!

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Success Stories

  • Jeff Anderegg, 3x Ironman Triathlete, Doctor and Dad

    Achieving Things That I Thought Never Possible!

    "I am fortunate to be coached by someone that is not only a talented triathlete but also genuinely phenomenal person, that I am lucky enough to call my friend. Jen has been able to help me achieve things that I never would have thought possible a few short years ago. I look forward to where this journey will take me. I know that I will arrive at all of life's finish lines with a smile on my face!"

  • Annie Elmendorf, Ironman Triathlete Finisher and Mom of Two!

    Given Me so Much Knowledge!

    "Jen has taught me so much and given me so much knowledge and confidence in myself as an athlete and person! She coaches the way she lives her life, which is beautifully and by example."

  • Kristy Kalisky, 2x Ironman Triathlete and Overall BadASS!

    Phenomenal Coaching!

    "Your coaching was phenomenal! Obviously you have to be motivated to do an IronMan, but your training plans held me accountable! You knew when I should go hard, and you knew when my body needed to rest! In terms of being held accountable...if I went to hard you let me know, and if I didn't go hard enough you let me know!"

  • Fede Lopez, 70.3 IM Triathlete, Olympic and Sprint Triathlete

    Helped Me to Believe in Me!

    "You helped me to believe in me, and to believe that hard work pay with results. You showed me the power from the gym to be stronger and faster. You helped me to know, that any dream is possible if you are dedicate, discipline, work hard and work smart."

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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 147.00

    One-time payment

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